Interval Training Routines

What is Interval Training
interval training routines
Basically, interval training routines are composed of doing a high intensity physical exercise for a chosen expanse of time followed by a lower difficulty “recuperation” stretch of time for your selected time interval . Repeating these physical exercises for a fixed selection of rounds would make up the total interval training routine. Can be, we could say, intense, but you’ll love the final results. If by chance you happen to be a professional athlete and can afford it, a physiologist or personal trainer can structure a program adapted to your body and desired goals. Still, for those who don’t have the money to pay for this, there are numerous traditional and out-of-the-box workout routines that work like a charm for any everyday person.

The advantages of interval training consist of all aspects of fitness and health including acceleration and speed, endurance, and overall wellness. If you are looking for a way  to raise your conditioning to the extreme, interval training is exactly what a person needs. If you’re trying to lose weight, high intensity interval training is going to be exercise which can realize your aspirations in a way few other platform is going to. In fact, masses of studies conclude that people engaging in high intensity interval training cut down up to nine times as many calories as those individuals who only focus on long endurance cardio exercise.

What is the Secret Behind Interval Training

The ability to work you both aerobically and anaerobically is what makes interval training so effective. Glycogen (energy) stored in the muscles is use by our bodies during the peaks of high intensity activity. Anaerobic metabolic is what this phase is termed. At this point you may possibly feel the burning sensation in your muscles made by lactic acid, the by-product of anaerobic activity. The lungs and heart will pump oxygen back into the muscles, break down the lactic acid, and convert stored carbohydrates (fat) into energy during the low-intensity periods.

Putting Interval Training into Practice

Your interval routine should be so intense that you don’t feel like doing other things – meaning, other exercise options – after you finish. As a way to gauge, during the high intensity period always be pushing yourself to a 9 or a 10 on your scale. On the flip side, you should only be around a 3 or a 4 on your scale while in the low-intensity sections. In order for this routine to function your body needs a bonafide recovery period between the higher activity phases.

A lot of people these days are talking about a brand new program by Shaun T, called Insanity. He basically took the concept of regular interval training and reversed it. Rather than doing long stretches of low intensity activity with short bursts of high intensity scattered in, his strategy is to do long periods of high intensity exercise with only short periods of rest. It has been just over 45 days since I started using his technique and I can most definitely say it lives up to its name. I’ve never found a harder workout. It’s the results that make the effort and hard work worth it. I am thrilled with the way my body is looking.

TurboFire is another new program that is getting plenty of buzz. TurboFire may be a great place for you to start if you’re not yet ready for Insanity. Chalene Johnson is the trainer that developed this routine and she is fun to workout with. Her approach to interval training is more common but she keeps it very entertaining with great music and new moves that don’t get boring.

Are There Risks to Interval Training

Injury is a very prevalent concern with interval training routines because they in most cases are made up of high impact exercises. Provided that you follow methods that have been designed and tested by professional trainers, aligning their routines to your current capabilities, you will be fine. Before your exercise routine make sure to warm up first and stretch enough. Also, be certain that during the recovery intervals your heart rate drops to 100-110 beats per minute.

Physical exercise has been George McDonald’s life-long passion. During high school was when his focus on physical fitness began which has only evolved and intensified ever since. He started a website all about interval training routines as a way to share what he has learned and speak with others who share his passion for peak physical fitness.

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